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This shirt is a tribute to my grandfather, who recently passed away. He was what you would call a OG and pretty much experienced everything you could imagine in life. He lived to be 101 years old so you can imagine the type of shit he had seen and been through. They say health skips a generation so if we're playing by the book that means I could be an OG too. He drank wine all the time so Imma start drinking wine. 

Every design I make, I start with a simple objective and just let the ideas flow until I'm satisfied. I thought of all the memories I had with my Grandpa and everything he taught me and put it all in this design. From the pancakes to butterflies, each object has its own significance and a story to tell. 

The quote is something that he told me when I was young and we were eating a hamburger at Carl's Jr. I simplified it for the shirt but basically he told me to not be afraid to ask questions if I dont understand something. He was mainly referring to school but since then it's something that completely changed my life. When you have the courage to ask and express what you really want or feel, you avoid misunderstandings and assumptions. Just gotta communicate and don't be a little biotch.

Cus how you gonna learn anything if you dont ask questions? Especially if you want something, if you don't ask, it's already a no. But if you grow some balls and ask, you got a better chance for a maybe or possibly yes.

So ask away but more importantly listen even harder. Guarantee you'll learn something new. Just wished I asked more questions while he was still here. 

Limited to 101 pieces and I'm keeping like 10. Ask me a question next time you see me!