MAZDAFITMENT formerly known as SocalMazda (SCM) has been going strong since 2009. Started in Socal by a group of car enthusiasts who pushed the limits of fitment on Mazdas. Today it is owned and operated by the OG prince Shavi Weijgunarante. Not only caring about fitment, Shavi has brought together a class of its own; The freshest Mazdas in the world. He has created products such as onikyan plates specifically for mazdas to achieve more low and perfect fitment. Also has a wide variety of accessories and stickers for the car enthusiast.
Shavi has also put his feet into the off road community and created MF Sports. He has  designed unique styling options for both off road rigs and japanese imports. Not only is Shavi an OG ridah but a main backbone to Karuma, we fully back his companies and happy to have them apart of the UJI Dist. family.
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